Desert Christian Community Church is a non-denominational church that believes and exhibits the love of Jesus to all. This church is led by the Holy Spirit and declares that peoples’ lives are changed as they become more like JESUS and exhibit HIS exceedingly abundant love, His all-encompassing forgiveness and HIS unwavering mercy.



People shall be set free from the bondages of their past as we remind them and help them learn to hear HIS voice of affirmation & acceptance. Glory shall fall upon the region as we repair the broken by giving them hope, restore the forgotten by telling them the prophetic word & refresh the weary by creating times of divine encounters here and in the other places the LORD shall open to us.


Stirring up a passion for the presence of God through true fellowship, times of worship & leading people into deeper intimacy with the Father is our culture & our strategy for allowing those that gather to experience a true sense of family. We are a safe place of healing for the wounded, so leaders can be healed & sent back out to do the will of the Father.


Nations will lean forward toward the Lord as we move together in teams to teach the Word with signs following, so those that hear the Gospel might fall deeper in love with Jesus  & be convinced of His goodness. We will flow into other cultures, cities & nations as hands of healing. We shall gather the worshipers, the intercessors, the prophets & the lovers of Jesus that we may learn to speak with one voice & with one heart. This will lead to great breakouts of life & visitation from the Lord, for where there is unity, He commands blessing. Supernatural ministry and truth will be the proof.


We are to help raise up the next generation by actively preparing them for their destinies. As such, we believe we are a company of creative voices that can share gifts, talents, wisdom, grace, love and experience with those who are hungry for truth & desire to grow. By creating moments of growth (classes, mentoring, counseling, written material, or coaching) we shall see revelation & transformation come to an area, a region and a generation.


Worship shall be the trademark of our existence. By releasing the sound of His heart in every place that we go, we shall build an altar that fills the Heaven and brings His favor. By leading people into deeper worship, and helping them learn to catch it, we shall change the culture of churches. We will see people set free to truly meet their Father, face to face. Seminars, conferences, booklets, worship evenings or events will help to spread this fire so that teaching does not lead to intellectual deliberation but spiritual movement.


To see lives transformed, empowered and then fulfill what CHRIST said in John 14:12 with greater works. We are a church family that exhibits the love of JESUS as we impact the world by taking our love outside the walls of the church to our families, friends, and to a world that desperately needs the love of the Father. We do that in our church services, our ministry groups and in the marketplace. We follow HIS mandate in that we go and teach all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.